We are one of the oldest producers of frozen organic food products in Lithuania.

The company was established in 1996 in one of the most forested places in Lithuania. Since those days, the greatest devotion has been to health, ecology, and product nurturing. We are pleased to be able to supply healthy frozen products throughout Europe and beyond.

We offer a wide variety of products to meet the needs of any market, from vegetables to fruits and smoothies – we can take care of everything. All our products are grown, harvested and processed with exceptional care and dedication.

Our products
Fresher than fresh
Retail trade

Fresh-frozen vegetables, fruit and fast-food items (fruit smoothies). Our products allow people to enjoy the benefits of freshly picked vegetables and fruit every day and all year round.

HoReCa (Catering Services)

Fresh-frozen vegetable and fruit products are supplied to the food service sector, including restaurants and company canteens.

Wholesale (Industry)

We have been supplying frozen fruit and vegetables for over 25 years. Based on our many years of experience, we receive and process the highest quality fruit, berries and vegetables. Our wide range of products also includes products grown organically without chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

Our story

  1. Beginning

  2. First export of organic products in Lithuania

  3. Emergence of the Gero Apetito trade mark

    ISO9001 and ISO 22000 implemented

  4. Emergence of the Gardu trade mark

  5. Gazele 2009 winners in the Alytus region

  6. Emergence of the Smooth'it trade mark

  7. FSSC 22000 implemented

    FSSC 22000 is the certification scheme of the Food Safety Certification Foundation for food businesses.

Vėtrija trade mark

Our trade marks


Gero apetito is the trade mark of our vegetable line.

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Gardu is our fruit and berry trade mark.

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Smooth’it is a natural fruit smoothie with no added sugar or preservatives. Daily fruit consumption has been shown by scientists to boost the immune system.

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Vėtrija products

Our products

Frozen fruit

A wide selection of whole, sliced or grated ripe fresh-frozen fruit that can be easily divided into portions and available all year round.

berries (2)
Frozen berries

We can supply berries all year round. They come in standard 20 x 400 g polythene packaging but can be packed in larger bags.

Frozen vegetables

We offer a wide variety of frozen vegetables harvested from the most fertile soils. A wide range of pack sizes is available.


We use only the highest quality fruit for our fruit smoothies. Please contact us for current offers and prices.


We adhere to the strictest quality, hygiene and safety standards on the market.

Our products are grown and supplied in accordance with our highest food safety standards. At all stages, we strive to ensure food safety and high quality in line with our certification requirements.